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70 Faces and The Velveteen Rabbi
Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

Named one of TIME magazine’s top 25 bloggers, Rabbi Rachel Barenblat’s written works, including her collection of Torah poems and four chapbooks of poetry, cross myriad cultural, religious, and political borders. Her writings capture the interest of thousands of online and print readers, and her rabbinate embodies much of that creative, courageous spirit.


The Epichorus
Rabbi Zach Fredman

The Epichorus, created and curated by Rabbi Zach Fredman, is an ensemble stirring the sounds of Judeo-Arabic retro-folk. We play original music, interspersed with repertoire from 1930’s Egypt, the religious songs of Syrian and Iraqi Jews, Sufi and classical arabic tunes. We are creating new sounds in world music, returning listeners to the ecstatic states of the desert, the harem and the marketplaces of the Middle East. The Epichorus released their debut album One Bead on March 5th, 2013.


The Kirtan Rabbi
Rabbi Andrew Hahn

The Kirtan Rabbi – Rabbi Andrew Hahn, Ph.D., combines a variety of tools to introduce Jewish Wisdom to an increasingly global, religious village. Kirtan Rabbi’s music is characterized by great energy, passion and melodic flow.


T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights
Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster

Director of Programs Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster mobilizes rabbis to bring a Jewish moral voice to human rights in North America and Israel through advocacy, education, and direct action.


The Roots project draws Israelis and Palestinians who, despite living next to each other, are separated by walls of fear- not just fear of each other, but even of the price of peace. In order to bring the two people’s together, the project’s outreach program includes monthly meetings between Israeli and Palestinian families, a women’s group, work with school children, engaging local leaders, a summer camp, language learning, and cultural exchanges.


Mishkan Chicago
Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann

Mishkan Chicago, founded by Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann, engaging, educating, connecting, and inspiring Chicagoans through dynamic experiences of Jewish prayer, learning, and community building.


Rabbi Laura Baum and Rabbi Bob Barr

Rabbis Laura Baum and Bob Barr, Rabbis of Congregation Beth Adam and OurJewishCommunity.org, founded an online Jewish community that reaches people where they are and celebrates a Judaism that is bold, intellectually honest, and ever-evolving.


Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
Rabbi Scott Perlo

Rabbi Scott Perlo, Associate Director of Jewish Programming at Sixth & I, helps direct this multi-denominational and membership-free historic synagogue focused on engaging young adults in their 20s and 30s through impactful, entertaining, and thought-provoking programs that span Jewish and secular traditions.

Rabbi Elan Babchuck

Co-created by Rabbi Elan Babchuk and community members, (401)J is a collaborative organization for Jews in their 20s-40s in Rhode Island everything from an a cappella group to a “D’var in the Bar” group, and a blog.

Rabbi Aaron Weininger

Created by Rabbi Aaron Weininger in Minneapolis Makom is a young vibrant community for down to earth Judaism aims to attract young Jewish adults of all and any background to Jewish community.

Rabbi Adam Grossman

Created by Rabbi Adam Grossman at the University of Florida Hillel a socially responsible business accelerator focused on the planet, people and profit.

Rimon Berkshires
Rabbi Kaya Stern-Kaufman

Rimon Berkshires, founded by Rabbi Kaya Stern-Kaufman, is a resource center for Jewish spirituality which offers classes, services, and spiritual experiences.


Deborah’s Palm
Rabbi Amy Small

Deborah’s Palm, founded by Rabbi Amy Small, is an adult Jewish learning center without walls in suburban New Jersey, “helping Jews and fellows travelers access Jewish wisdom for meaningful spiritual living.”


Jewish Studies Initiative of North Texas
Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger

Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger teaches interfaith groups from around the world to foster peace, understanding and connection. This work happens from Dallas, Texas, to the West Bank in Israel.

Kol Zimra
Rabbi Shefa Gold

Kol Zimra,founded by Rabbi Shefa Gold, is a spiritual chant and leadership training program. The goal of Kol Zimra is to create a vehicle of mutual support for leaders who long for adventure, ever-expanding awareness, and ever-deepening meaning through text, sound, beauty, connection and energy


Rabbi Doug Heifetz

Mosaicverse, founded by Rabbi Doug Heifetz, is a website which will give users access to the sacred writings of a wide variety of religions and the ability for the users to interact and dialogue on line.

Kol Tuv Sefarad
Rabbi Juan Mejia

Kol Tuv Sefarad, founded by Rabbi Juan Mejia, is an on line website and community easily accessible for Jews and conversos in Latin America


Sinai and Synapses
Rabbi Geoff Mitelman

Sinai and Synapses, founded by Rabbi Geoff Mitelman, bridges the religious and scientific worlds, offering people a worldview that is scientifically grounded and spiritually uplifting.


Chai Tech Hebrew Academy
Rabbi Andrew Jacobs

Chai Tech Hebrew Academy, founded by Rabbi Andrew Jacobs in partnership with FYI Online Learning and Ramat Shalom Synagogue, Chai Tech combines cutting-edge internet technology and meaningful Jewish wisdom. The result is a dynamic, online classroom that is available wherever and whenever you are.


Moving Traditions
Rabbi Tamara Cohen

Director of Innovation Rabbi Tamara Cohen works to engage teens in meaningful Jewish community while applying a gender lens and Jewish values to the challenges of everyday life.


Temple Emanu-El’s Gift of the Heart
Rabbi Elan Babchuck

Rabbi Elan Babchuck instituted a transformed membership/dues model called “Gift of the Heart” at the synagogue. Much research has already been done on these initiatives, where the total costs to run the synagogue are transparent, and members pay what they wish. The model was rolled out last July for new and potential members, and in that year, brought in an addition 40 new households, the largest spike in membership in the shul’s last 25 years. While the nuts and bolts might not be that interesting, the way we’ve engaged our members is. We’ve been using a community organizing approach to build consensus, from one-to-ones to house meetings to town hall meetings, etc. Also, to introduce an additional personal element, we’ve been asking our members to share their stories on paper and in video form here: http://templeemanuelprovidence.wordpress.com


Temple Beth El and the “Just Show Up” Initiative
Rabbi Amy Walk Katz

Created by Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz, the “Just Show Up” initiative was designed to transform the culture of Temple Beth El from that of one with significant implicit and explicit barriers to entry to one of totally reexamined rules around Shabbat attendance, dress code, social dynamics. The message is — we are about community, but you can’t create community if we don’t JUST SHOW UP and see one another. It has become the tagline of the shul. Amy made magnets which were put on cars. Throughout our little town, you see cars that say JUST SHOW UP. Read more here: http://ejewishphilanthropy.com/changing-communal-culture/


Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington at Adas Israel
Rabbi Gil Steinlauf

Built into Adas Israel by Rabbi Gil Steinlauf to incorporate Jewish mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to reclaim a spiritually vibrant Judaism with body, heart, and soul.



DA’AT INSTITUTE for Death Awareness, Advocacy and Training
Rabbi Simcha Raphael

Dedicated to providing innovative death awareness education; state-of-the-art professional training; and grief and bereavement counseling. We offer counseling services, as well as printed and audio-visual resources, to individuals and families, and uniquely-designed educational programs for synagogues, churches, schools, hospitals, hospices and community organizations.


The Jewish Studio
Rabbi Evan Krame

Our mission is to craft a renewed Judaism together, by providing events and experiences to connect us with the joy and spirituality of our heritage.

There is a growing edge to Judaism. As Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z”l taught, we can only participate in that growth when we stop driving Judaism by looking in the rearview mirror. You don’t move forward without knowing where you started. But you can’t move forward unless you have the vision to see where you should be going. It is time now to look ahead and imagine the Judaism we want to experience.