Aaron Bisno

Image result for "rabbi aaron bisno"Rabbi Aaron Bisno lives in the realm of cliché with his loving wife and 2.4 kids, who are really growing up fast. As expected, the family has a dog. Rabbi Bisno toils in the vineyards of the Lord at Rodef Shalom Congregation, the Jewish temple with the green dome on the corner of Fifth & Morewood. The building is beautiful, but it’s really the people who make the place so special. While Rabbi B burns the candle at both ends trying to be all things to all people, he often feels he’s aging in place, or “greying at the Temple.” For the opportunity to play a lead role in his own comedy series, Aaron thanks God, his Temple president and his agent. He is also grateful to his long-suffering wife for encouraging he be part of this program as, frankly, both she and her husband have grown tired of his voice as well as his writing, what with all his fancy-shmancy vocabulary words, redundant repetition of words, and always all the alliteration. Let us pray this very unique week will help the good rabbi pause long enough to smell the roses and think outside the box. That would truly be a blessing.