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Rabbis Without Borders uses Jewish wisdom as a source of wellbeing for anyone anywhere, expanding the borders of what it means to be a rabbi today. We share our Torah in pluralistic, innovative ways grounded by a sense of service to all.


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    • The Wilderness of Sinai May 21, 2015
      Bamidbar is my daughter Elena’s bat mitzvah portion. As she was approaching bat mitzvah, fifteen years ago, my father was dying of metastatic cancer. He had been diagnosed the day before Thanksgiving, and died shortly after Passover. We celebrated Elena on his shloshim, the thirtieth day after my father’s death. As you might imagine, the […]
    • Why I Did a 180 on “Kosher Soul” May 20, 2015
      A friend tipped me off to a new reality TV show that was about to begin publicizing its pilot episode. I was immediately intrigued. The show, Kosher Soul, is about a pretty Jewish woman and a Black comedian who fall in love. I clicked the link to find the trailer from the Lifetime network and was […]
    • A True Sports Hero — And A Mentsch May 19, 2015
      It’s getting hard to find role models in sports these days.  Especially in the National Football League, where stars such as Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and Greg Hardy all have been suspended in recent months for shocking acts of domestic violence. Most recently, of course, has been Deflategate and its repercussions.  Tom Brady, the beloved and […]